Static Pressure Relief Mattresses For Care Homes

A static mattress is an effective way to help prevent and manage pressure ulcers amongst your vulnerable residents. The foam base provides them with a comfortable sleeping experience whilst also allowing for even distribution of pressure ensuring that there is little risk of a resident developing ulcers or worsening their condition.

Whether your client is at medium or high risk or needs the more specific care provided by a bariatric mattress, you will find something for ever resident’s needs at Acticare. You can even shop for underlays, which provide an extra layer of protection for anyone that needs it.

Pressure relief mattresses for your residents

Any resident that needs a pressure relief mattress needs it as quickly as possible to ensure they are comfortable and looked after. Acticare knows that this is a vital concern for your care home, and so we offer delivery of any of our in stock mattresses within 5 working days. Not only that, but our dedicated team will deliver and install the mattress directly to the room if necessary, saving your care home team time and effort and making your life easier.

Plus, you can rely on our friendly customer service team to provide you with support and advice all the way through your order, just get in touch by email at or give us a call on 01432 271271.