Profiling Beds


Profiling beds are a must-have for care homes with vulnerable residents who require added assistance. Acticare offer a range of profiling beds for various different use cases, from standard beds with all the essential features to ultra-low profiling beds or bariatric beds, you can find any care home bed that your residents need right here. 


Plus, Acticare’s dedicated delivery team can not only promise to get your new beds delivered to you within 5 working days, but they will also take the bed to wherever you need it in your home and will fully install it too – saving you and your care home team time and effort. Just put in a call or email to our dedicated customer service team today to place your order and discuss your delivery options.


What are profiling beds?


A profiling bed is a bed with up to 4 variable, adjustable sections that allow for the bed to be adjusted electronically to make residents more comfortable or to allow for certain nursing procedures to be done more easily. They are also height adjustable, allowing for residents with little mobility to easily get in and out.